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This is me… Let’s get real for a moment!

patgreenComing from a family of entrepreneurs I never thought I would walk the path of entrepreneurship myself. My parents used to work almost around the clock, weekends, holidays, the phone would never stop ringing. Holidays got canceled last minute because a situation needed their full attention.  So really early on I decided to “break loose” of the family business and went off to discover the world outside our little town. Age 17 I went to France to work as a waitress and bartender as part of my education. After finishing Highschool I took off for a whole year to the U.S.A. at age of 20. Back then my mum just prayed for me to come back home save and not pregnant.

After studying international business in Austria, the USA and Australia I took a proper job with the largest cosmetics company there is on the planet thinking I had it all right. After a couple of years working crazy hours flying all around Europe, I had to quit due to a massive burnout. The following year I had a pretty hard recovery and realized that the cooperate world wasn’t for me. So I decided to start my own company as a corporate consultant, where I found myself in the hamster wheel again, but much worse. I did not take any vacation for over 2 years straight, no day off. -And so my body broke down completely.

I got really sick.

I found myself in excruciating pain form head to toe and was told that my chances of being able to return into my professional life did not look good at all. It took a couple of months to find out what was wrong with me. A natural doctor diagnosed a very specific type of Rheumatism and told me I would need to turn my life around in order to regain health and get my life back. So I changed my diet to vegan, got rid off all the chemicals in my personal-care products and detergents and started to look into options for my professional life. I needed to find something that I would be able to start working part time and in my own pace and schedule, since my holistic doctors were not able to tell me how long my full recovery would take me.

During this period I got introduced to products from a network marketing company which had a huge impact in my recovery. Since I had nothing to do all day I spent hours reading about this profession. As an international economist I was fascinated by the concept and the industry took me in completely. You’ve got to understand, that until then I have never been to a direct sales party, nor a business presentation. But I totally understood the concept of duplication of your own workforce, the low risk and entrance fee compared to starting a regular business and the amazing benefits this business model has to offer.

So I jumped in and ’til this very day love every minute of working in this profession! My huge vision to encourage people around the globe to step up their game and have a look at our great profession drives me day in and day out. I love empowering leaders, creating financial transformations and lasting life experiences. All I ever wanted to do is positively touch peoples lives, show them a way to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Click around my site to find out more about me, the profession and how you too could turn your life around! My wish for you, and thank you for stopping by, is that you begin to see the possibility to turn your life around any second for the better.

I can not wait to meet you and show you how this could work for you too!


Patricia Mayr