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Posted by on 13. February 2019


As a business consultant, I used to tell all the „young-preneurs“ (that’s how I still call them until this day, no matter what their age is) – those starting their own business, that there are 3 main steps you need to take – and they did NOT change over time!

First you need to make a decision – you  DECIDE that you are going to do your business ALL IN. It doesn’t matter if it is a business on the side or if you jump in full time. Either way you need to take immediate action! Once you decide to go all IN there is hardly any exit option for you – mentally. However compared to the „world outside network marketing“ we do have it a lot easier regarding investment etc..

Second in order to develop your business, you need to   DEVELOP   your skills, your mindset, your leadership and be coachable about it. Get hold of any information you can grab, learn everything and i really mean everything there is to know about your company, your product and about the profession.

Take NOTES whenever you participate a webinar, a training, an event and be the first to get in the room and the last to leave it! I have learned so much from all the great leaders in this profession that I had the honor of working with – if I would not have written it down – most of it would have been lost. This is one of your greatest journeys in life i promise you!

And the last thing I teach is all about  DOING  and taking action! If you just learn, read, listen and take everything in but don’t apply it – there is no use! Remember everything starts with the first step! Do small steps at a time if you must, but keep WALKING!

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