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How to do a completely reset for your body

Posted by on 7. August 2016

Hey Guys,

have you ever been on a diet? Daaaa of course, right?

For me I only have been on 2 so far and one was for major health reason, in order to sort of turn the ship around and set the sail in the right direction for my body to heal. The other diet I put myself through, which I do not really consider a diet since it consisted of just switching from  very unhealty eating habits to very healthy ones – goes back over 20 years. Back then I had gained over 15 kgs during one year while living in the US.

So this time I am going on a health challenge again. I hate diets and I know what they can do to your body how bad they are for your whole body and your metabolism, your muscles, your gut, everything. So when our company came out with this amazing new lifestyle I was completely fascinated by it. For weeks I have been reading about the Ketogenic Lifestyle. What a Ketogenic Diet can do for your whole body and especially for your mind. Have you ever experienced brain fog? I am sure you have. This topic by itself is sooo big, I could go on and on. But with our stressful jobs, daily lifes don’t we all wish to reset sometimes? Just start new, fresh, right from the beginning? Imagine if you could reset your body within just 10 days?

With a really simple step-by-step program that would detox your body, help your metabolic system to reboot, your brain to get rid off the brain fog, give you tons of energy back and loose some kilos at the same time? Oh when I found out about that I just knew I had to try it. And over the summer with all the icecream and cocktails and holidays and BBQ’s I have to admit I did gain some kilos that I would love to get rid off. So here I am starting a 10 Day Reset and I am so exited. It’s about a healthy lifestyle where you cut your carbs and add a lot more fat to your meal plan. So yesterday I went grocery shopping for the next few days and stocked up on healthy fat  resources like Avocado, Nuts, Coconut Oil, etc. . In addition to that I found really great recipis for dinner which I am happy to share here on the blog as I am going along the challenge.

So do you think I will make it? Do you think it is possible to go on total reset in 10 Days?

Watch me live on my Facebook Business Page for the daily update as well as on my blog here. I promise you I will be totally honest. Wether if I have side effects caused by the detox of my body or mental issues like wanting to give up on the whole thing.. everything will be out in the open during the 10 reset program. After those 10 Days you will also probably get to know me a whole lot more. So stay tuned I am so exited I can’t even tell you!

Talk soon!

Wishing you the best day ever & take good care of your body it’s the only place you have to live in!



P.s. If you find this useful please feel free to share!